Grafisk Kommunikation, Visuel identitet & Branding

Print design – Novozymes Bioenergy branding
Editorial Design – Novozymes customer magazine
Image Campaign – Widex ambassador
Cross product campaign – Widex Audibility Extender
Dynamic Brand Identity – The Film School of Denmark
Website redesign – Coselgi
Information campaign –Widex binaural hearing
Collaterals print design – Novozymes Acrylaway
Product campaign – WidexLink
Website, micro sites – Novozymes
Logo selection
Product identity – Widex COMPASS™ GPS
Corporate & Brand Identity – rebranding Otovation
Direct mail campaign – Garmin Approach®
Product identity, Carlsberg Special Brew
Brochure print design – Tuborg Gold Beer brochure
Product identity – Feta cheese packaging
Corporate & Brand Identity – rebranding PRIMAGAZ
Print design, Carlsberg Draught Beer
Music CD cover design
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