Services & Competences

With extensive experience, I work creatively and proactively, adhering to a structured process throughout the design process – from the beginning of the initial ideas to the final results. My four core services are:
Concept development
The process of creating a visual concept involves close collaboration with professionals and teams within your organization. The goal is to develop a visual representation of your core business, such as a logo, visual identity, or campaign, that effectively communicates your product or service in an impactful, and straightforward manner.
Digital design
Digital Design services include the creation of websites, apps, landing pages, banner ads, and social media- and email campaigns, as key components of your digital communication strategy. Designs are brought to life through digital mock-ups and prototypes created using Adobe Creative software. The final solutions are implemented on various content management systems, with a focus on ensuring a responsive format for all screen sizes.
Graphic design
I have extensive experience working with global Corporate Visual Identities, Product, and Brand Guides. I turn design concepts and brand strategies into tangible visual designs. Furthermore, infographics, illustrations, and iconography are some of my favorite disciplines – besides creating photo retouching and image processing.
Extensive experience in offline production across all levels, including design of in-store packaging design, spatial design, exhibition materials, point-of-sale materials, catalogs, brochures, and leaflets. Wide-ranging expertise in finalizing artwork and ensuring that all approved production materials are correctly sent to the printing house at the end of the process.
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