Services & Competences

With extensive experience in visual communication and marketing, I work creatively, proactively, and systematically throughout the design process - from the initial ideas to the finished result
These are my four core services:
Concept development
Developing a visual idea or concept: In the development progress and the creation, I focus on close collaboration across different professionals and competencies in your organization. Maybe your core business should visually be perceived as a logo, guide, or campaign. Simply put – your product or service should be nailed elegantly and straightforwardly.
Digital design
Design development of websites, apps, landing pages, and banner ads as an integral part of your communication platforms. The solutions result in digital mockups and prototypes created in Adobe Creative Cloud and implemented in various content management systems. The focus is on the responsive format for all screen sizes.
Graphic design
Great experience with, often complex, global Corporate Visual Identities, Product- and Brand guides. Converts design concepts and brand strategies into concrete visual design. High-level skills in creating infographics, illustrations, and icons. Performs photo retouches and image processing
Extensive experience with offline production at all levels. Develops in-store packaging design, spatial design, exhibition materials, point of sales materials, catalogs, brochures, leaflets, etc. Broad expertise in artwork finalizing and when the end of the process, ensuring that all approved production material gets off to the print house correctly.
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